Frenz United Football Academy

Merhabalar arkadaşlar sizlere Frenz United hakkında biraz bilgi vereceğiz. Fren…

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Frenz United Football Academy

5 Mart 2013 Salı
Merhabalar arkadaşlar sizlere Frenz United hakkında biraz bilgi vereceğiz.
Frenz United Football Academy.

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To elevate the standard and quality of professional football in Malaysia by grooming young talent in a focused and conducive environment, utilizing professional methodologies that are proven effective in the world’s leading football nations.

Our vision; To develop an elite selection of highly skilled professional football players, that have the potential to become international football stars.
Learning to live together, study together and play football together, our kids will receive a solid grounding in their studies and continuously develop their football skills in a conducive and rewarding environment, with constant positive encouragement from their coaches, trainers and peers. The boys of Frenz United Football Academy will develop bonds and friendships that may last a lifetime.
General information
Frenz United Football Academy sits on a private land in Janda Baik, Pahang. The Academy is dedicated to developing the best football players for the country. Towards this end, the Academy aspires to bring together aspiring and talented players between the ages of 12-13 from all over Malaysia to the professional football training Centre in Janda Baik.

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  2. Thank you for your help in promoting our academy. All the best with your page as well. Cheers!

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